Kyklos Bookstore

Kyklos Bookstore was created and established in Greece. This store has proudly welcomed and guided customers to the magic world of books since 1998.
The bookstore has available up to 3000 books, each and every one being published by known Greek publishers.
In website you can find every type of book category available, from romantic to even historic, in order to fulfill every customer’s desire to enjoy their free time with a book they personally like.
Additionally, lots of accessories can be found as well, such as gadgets, puzzles and toys for kids and craft materials.
The website is being designed by Joomla 3.9 with the component Virtuemart, which is helpful when it comes to presenting and managing all available products. is fully responsive, so that every customer can visit the website, regardless the electronic device he use, without having any issues. It has also been developed in such a way so that the majority of visitors won’t bother trying to find the thing they’re looking for, thanks to the simply made and easy-to-use User Interface (UI).
Last but not least, all products are available to purchase online. Both guests and members can buy what the bookstore has to offer.
2nd of November, 2020


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