Improve your Dutch Pronunciation

The Dutch language is not very easy to learn. Foreigners struggle with the pronunciation of sounds like "ui" and "eu".

This website offers an online Dutch pronunciation language course that takes into account the native language of the students. Improve your Dutch pronunciation with this new practical approach to learning and improving Dutch sounds.
The website was built with Joomla 3.9 using Yootheme Pro for the layout and J2Store for the subscriptions.

We used a Yootheme "child theme" to retrieve the HTTP "no access" error code in order to display an article with language select: In Joomla you can configure "Show Unauthorised Links" to display the intro text of articles that are not accessible for the access level of the visitor. In that case Joomla will display "Register to read more". Yootheme Pro does not support that option so we came up with the "child theme" workaround.
6th of November, 2020


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