The Best Website

This multilingual website discusses the factors on which websites are reviewed. The purpose of the website is to show people what they can improve on their own website: to make the website better for visitors and to make it better for the administrators (the people who manage the website).

The website describes why is the best website. It shows a range of tests that you can perform on your own website.

The website fully multilingual in 5 languages:
English: The best website:
Dutch: De beste website:
German: Die beste Website:
French: Le meilleur site web:
Spanish: El mejor sitio web:
This website was built with Joomla 3.9 and uses the core multilingual functionality of Joomla. The layout was made with Yootheme Pro and its dynamic content feature: pages are compiled from parts of regular Joomla categories and articles.

The back-end article input has been optimized with d2 Content. The Content is SEO optimized using PWT SEO. The HTML output has been minimized by JCH Optimize. The sitemap is made with OSMap.

The multilingual website has 5 languages: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. Using a plugin, each language is available under its own top level domain name.

The 404 error page is a custom page that takes into account the language of the visitor. Each domain has its own Google analytics code that is loaded in the template on basis of the language (and thus domain name).
6th of November, 2020


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