Ingrid Timmermans - Begeleiding Baas en Hond

The client, Ingrid, a therapist for dogs (or, more important, their owners) built her website in WordPress a couple of years ago. She felt she was now ready for a more professional website, with good design, a clear structure and good information, and she wanted to be able to add blogs. She was looking for an agency that understands her needs as well as her business.
The most important subject on Ingrids website are dogs. Adopted foreign strays, dogs a little too playful for their owners, wayward dogs, dogs with PTSD... As soon as Ingrid starts talking about dogs, her eyes get a sparkle and her enthusiasm is catching. So before we knew it, in our first information-gathering meeting we were talking about... right, dogs. And her website, of course. But mainly dogs.

Ingrid had a great logo, and a lot of ideas about colour and styling. During the building proces we played around with all these ideas to find out which ones worked and which didn’t. We created a nice category blog page layout for her blogs and for clients’ reviews and unlike most clients, Ingrid started creating content right away, adding text and photos (most clients need some friendly encouragement when it comes to writing). She can easily write a new blog, add a review and upload photos.

Apart from the blogs and the reviews, we added extra menu items (single article view) for Ingrids specialties: dogs from abroad (adoption dogs) and craniosacral therapy for dogs. We made a contact form in RSForm Pro, with a special-question captcha field to avoid spam without having to use Google ReCaptcha.

Ingrid says she is in love with her website: “Sometimes I open it, just to have a look.”
4th of December, 2020


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