Uzer Hub

Uzerhub is designed to meet your personal and business needs and expectations using one platform. We offer selected services such as buy and sell, Auctions and Digital events.

We have been in the business since 2016 and we only cater to the United States of America area; Now we have migrated into a new platform and We expand our area globally.

The advantages in using our platform are:

*Your products showcase worldwide where you can set your own price at your own rate.

*Our team will help you market and share your products around the globe.

*Totally free posting of ads.

*Clients and Customers can contact the advertiser directly.

*Customers and Clients can pay using their credit or debit card straight away in our platform and credited to your PayPal account in real time.(check our FAQ's)

*Secure PayPal transactions and Real time.

*Unlimited Ads posting.

*You can set your own limitation as advertisers such as Auctions/ For Sale/ Exchange/ FREE/ Urgent/ Limited/ Last Chance/ Promotions/ Any label you wanted.

*Create your own Events either FREE or Paid Events.

*Our Event platform is flexible to handle group registration or individual registrations.

*Limit your audince in your events.

*Event reminder settings
It was build using Joomla 3.9.x with JCE components, Akeeba backup, DJ classifieds components.

Home page was customized according to clients requirements with lazy load enabled.

Added open maps for advertisers to post the locations

Equipt with user management profile and paypal integration for payments.
27th of February, 2021


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