Bcn Acces

BCN Acces was born in Barcelona in 1996 with the commercialization of products and solutions for the control and management of space applied to homes and offices. They have always believed in technological advances to provide security and comfort to access control and home automation systems.

Since 2008, to provide a solution to any project, they have expanded their product offer by differentiating 4 lines of application:

People Access Control
Vehicle Access Control
Home automation and building automation
Security and Access Control on building work currently have a wide catalog of biometric, bluetooth or RFID identity readers. Locking systems such as barriers, bollards, automatic walkways, and all the necessary technology to adapt it to the client's needs.
The site is built in Joomla! 3,9. We develop a Template based on YOOtheme PRO. Warp theme framework. We use app Zoo for Joomla CCK and Content Builder

BCN-Acces is part of an important project that integrates several components in order to obtain the required result.

Website Design and SEO
Web Hosting and Web Security
Blogging Services
Social Media Management
9th of March, 2021


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