Elan Vert - French Publisher of Children's Books

This new website is born after a UX workshop in order to build a better website for B2C and B2B. It need to present clearly the different Themes, age range with nice presentation.
The core of the website is the catalog. We use a nice combo of Customs fields, XT Search for Algolia and Article everywhere for creating very quick response catalog.

We meet some difficulties around the Algolia Search bar limitations (only one by page and search must be available on each page) . We have some work for adapting the Algola/XT search rendering but the final render is very satisfying !

Using Joomla com_content permit us to use article everywhere to create listing and articles Custom fields for creating relationship between the "content type" (books, author, stages) and iw will be able to use acymaling in a nex future to create some nice newsletter.
9th of May, 2021


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