Aircat is one of the largest balloon companies in Spain, they fly since 1992 with different brand sponsors and more than 1000 private passengers / year.
They currently have 7 balloons, with 2, 4, 6 and 10 seats, all with optimal hygiene and safety conditions. We are committed to a safe and close trip with the pilot, with harmony and well-being in the basket.
Josep Lluís Puntí is the founder and chief pilot of AirCat. He has accumulated more than 3000 hours of balloon flight. His training endorsed by the Spanish State Aviation Safety Agency and the Fédération Française d'Aérostation. Both have granted him the European license for hot air balloons and also as a maintenance technician. Currently there are few professional hot air balloon pilots in Spain who can boast of having more than 3000 flight hours. Puntí offers in addition to his passion for flying in a balloon, his experience and training.
He has also obtained the qualification of a hot air balloon pilot instructor and is one of the few pilots in Spain who has the night flight rating. He is a regular participant in International Hot Air Balloon Festivals such as those in Mexico, Burma or Morocco and has represented companies such as Zurich and Ultramàgic.
All hot air balloons is registered in the Official Civil Aviation Registry and comply with European safety standards EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency)
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