7toucans - Travel Social Network

7toucans is a social network for travel enthusiasts.
7toucans provides users with the opportunity to share their travel experiences, help each other with travel arrangements, and foster contacts between travelers and the travel industry professionals, travel agencies and travel experts.
The 7toucans loyalty system makes it possible to accumulate toucoins from any activity in the network and use them to get a discount on your new adventures.
We have developed our social network using Joomla 3.9 as the engine of the system. During the development process, we have integrated some paid components, such as Virtuemart, in order to develop a new component on its basis for conducting online travel auctions.
But at the same time, we have developed a lot of new functionality, new components, modules and plugins.
We used Joomla's capabilities to switch templates for mobile devices and created a PWA version and a mobile hybrid application for Android.
The main problem we faced was data storage. We solved this problem too and now our system is able to use many databases at the same time.
12th of October, 2021


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