University Dental Center

We built a beautiful and search engine optimized (SEO) for a successful dental practice in the Chicago southwest suburb of Palos Heights, Illinois.
Our first step was to first benchmark their current website and check in with the staff on performance.

Nearly all of their traffic was coming from Russia. This was not good as their industry requires that a person comes into their office for them to receive service.

Search Rankings
Lastly, we noticed that they were ranking for very odd items - such as a library. They were not ranking very well for that, but it was just very odd. They would only rank for their brand term and even at that, it was not in the top position.

Dental Website Redesign
Our client wanted to be known as a dental office that was very knowledgeable. To do this, they wanted to showcase their knowledge out to the world by developing content that would demonstrate subject matter expertise. We looked into what they wanted to write about and we found that it fell into three different categories and worked to customize the content to be relevant to the three main audiences.

Site Structure
We also improved their site structure - for people to easily navigate their website, to make it easier for people to call directly from their website using a mobile device, to easily e-mail the practice, and to find their office.

Analytics and Tracking
With all of the improvements, there remained one big question for the client - "how do I know it's working?" We placed tracking codes on their website to see how many people were calling them from mobile devices, how many people were e-mailing them, and how many people were interacting with their interactive map to get directions to their office.

Immediate Results
Within the first month, we were extremely happy to see that their traffic jumped greatly! More importantly, their traffic jumped with the right people coming to their website. We didn't want any people coming to their website - that is why we employed local SEO to their website to rank well in their area.

Once we took over the website, redesigned and restructured it, the conversions (emails from the website, phone calls from the website, and interactions with their interactive map) jumped greatly! The most important part - they were from real people - as opposed to the fake phone numbers and emails they had been receiving. It was great to hear that someone started their dental journey on their website, scheduled an appointment, and showed up at their time.
23rd of October, 2021


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