Nederlands is a destination blog website which focuses primarily on events, cooking and travel in Italy. The platform provided a regularly updated selection of events using Event Booking* component, about 2000 travel articles some integrated with Maps by ArcGis ESRI and over 3000 authentic Italian recipes. Slides shows are produced with Smart Slider 3 and Article Walls by extensions.
The website is available in Dutch and a smaller selection of articles is available in English. (The English version has not yet been upgraded to Joomla 4)
This is the first Joomla 4 news and media website. The website has featured before on the Joomla! Showcase way back in in the Joomla 1.5 era. Today the site has been completely newly built as of Joomla 3 and underwent a further overhaul in 2021. The site is now using only Joomla custom fields (Advanced Custom Fields*) in combination with Google Structured Data* and very few overrides to the templates. The Framework was changed three years ago to Gantry. Currently, using Gantry 5.5 for Joomla 4. The most important element for this website was speed, responsiveness and user experience, which was an effort in consideration of the amount of content, into the thousands of articles and over 60 categories and 90 tag pages.
26th of October, 2021


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