Street Art Aberdeen

The website is intended to serve many purposes, including...
- To help the public physically find Street Art in Aberdeen.
- To record and document Street Art.
- To help people understand the variety and creativity of street art in our city and the benefits it brings to our physical and cultural landscape.
This project was is an internally scoped one by SSOFB to satisfy a requirement for a catalogue, map and archive of Street Art in Aberdeen. As is our normal practice, it was created with the minimum number of extensions possible, as we try to do more with core.

Development tasks included...
- A custom theme, based on Cassiopeia
- A new field plug-in for images
- A field plug-in for maps
- Geo and reverse geo lookups using the Google maps API
- A Joomla CLI plug-in
- Some basic form modules

The system, a gallery with geographical context, is intended to be used for other similar applications.

It was an excellent opportunity to create a new project based entirely on Joomla 4. The codebase is entirely Open Source, and available on GitHub.
21st of March, 2022


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