Clibre EU

We do not intend to replace existing directories which are sometimes more complete or more specialised. We distinguish ourselves by inserting only a major software that would replace one of the existing ones, or would exceptionally complete a category.

To be published, the free software information sheet must meet several criteria:    
* meet the most popular needs (office automation, internet, graphics...) of the general public, associations, small businesses, 
* not be a specialised software for a particular profession,
* be a free or inexpensive tool that also ensures the durability of free software,
* facilitate the final transition from Windows or Mac to Linux (by using multi-platform software),
* receive regular updates.

The type of public that cLibre.Eu wishes to reach:
* does not have advanced computer skills,    
* needs French translation of the software/application, help or documentation,
* includes support (tutorials, presentation, forums) to get started. 

The general philosophy of cLibre.Eu is the same for information for free software or what extends it (information, actors, resources and free online services as well as responsible digital). We are people committed to the ethical values of free software and free culture in general to take the ethical path towards a global change of society.
This site has been designed to be collaborative. Anyone can add information from a Joomla form.

A lot of custom fields and an overload of the presentation page allow a personalized presentation. We will later enable tag-based filtering and custom fields.

A first version had been made in 2014 with WordPress. Version now in Joomla 4!

Make maximum use of the Joomla core:
- Template cassiopea
- Custom fields
- Akeeba Backup, AcyMailing, Akeeba Engage, BackupMonkey, ochFitvids, Route66, SPPB, ConvertForms, Engagebox and of course ACF

The main difficulty is to find the volunteer time. Hoping to receive financial support to make further developments and pay for services and hosting.
14th of October, 2022


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