GMT Super Gloves

The website was created for the international company GMT Super Gloves based in Singapore. The company creates plastic gloves (latex, vinyl, etc.) for use in health, dental, laboratory, food industry, cleaning, gardening, etc.

The purpose of the website is to provide information about the company and its products.
The main features of the website are:
- Posted on August 12, 2022
- Created with Joomla 4.
- Used Gantry 5 modified to use as little CSS code as possible.
- jQuery is no longer used to follow Joomla's trend for better performance.
- The result of the above three dots are top scores on Chrome Lighthouse.
- Product pages use custom fields and article code is overridden.
- The design of the website was provided by the designer of the company.
3rd of November, 2022


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