We wish to gather essentially initiatives or collective dynamics that allow to change one's way of life. Nevertheless, we will be able to insert a few sites, particularly information or online tools, which can also serve as a reference for changing one's behaviour.

These initiatives must be free, at free price or not very expensive (if an investment is necessary). There are portals for service providers as well as for the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The aim is not to be exhaustive, but to be a portal to direct people towards these resources, relying more on the dynamics or collective resources of platforms and federations of associations.

Start from the individual towards the collective: acting alone is necessary but not sufficient to change society in depth, link up and converge in a collective dynamic to change the world for the better, while there is still time. Encourage group or collaborative dynamics as much as possible.

Who the site is for?
Anyone who wants to change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly.
This site has been designed to be collaborative. Anyone can add information from a Joomla form.

A lot of custom fields and an overload of the presentation page allow a personalized presentation. We will later enable tag-based filtering and custom fields.

Make maximum use of the Joomla core:
- Template cassiopea
- Custom fields
- Akeeba Backup, AcyMailing, Akeeba Engage, ochFitvids, SPPB, ConvertForms, Engagebox and of course ACF
3rd of November, 2022


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