Like New Headlight Restoration and Bumper Repair

San Diego's Best Headlight and Bumper Repair Service

My primary goal is to save you as much money as possible while delivering top quality service.

I do this by coming to your home or office, as I am completely mobile. I have been in business 23 years focusing on paint perfecting, fixing scuffs, scratches and chip repair. I also repair torn bumpers, and I can save you money by not having to buy a brand new bumper.

Headlight restoration is a big concern for any car that is more than a couple years old and/or gets parked outdoors often, particularly in the sunny climes of southern California. Over time the headlights become milky and can impair the driver's vision at night. It is a simple process that helps the car owner to save money by not having to buy and install new headlights.

I have been doing this with great success and have received tons of positive feedback from our clients.
The owner of this business is very good at what he does, but he is not at all computer savvy and needed just a basic site that would bring in new customers who could reach him by email or better yet even texting or phone calls. We created a contact form with FlexiContact Plus that lets the client select from a list what types of repairs they are looking for, and we will soon be upgrading that form to Convert Forms from so that the owner can receive a text message whenever someone submits the form. We used the Stocky template from JoomlaXTC and the client is quite happy with the site.
26th of January, 2023


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