The Origin Fund

The Origin Fund serves as a comprehensive resource for physical and psychosocial care, to ensure that patients feel supported and emotionally healthy as they are recovering from pelvic health conditions. Our first phase focus is on low income women and all folks with speciality pelvic health needs. These services are generally not adequately covered or offered by insurance or financially accessible without insurance, and as such, low-income individuals cannot get much needed interventions. As our mission extends, we will encompass mental health, pre- and post-operative support, surgical expenses, lactation support and more.
The client already has several other Joomla sites for her commercial needs and when she wanted to build a non-profit she approached me to create something that could handle and track donations to the non-profit. We built the site using the Bianca template from and installed the JoomDonation component for the various donation forms and Engage Box from to display them in popups.
26th of January, 2023


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