Medical Advisors Group South Africa

Client: A non-profit, member-based organization for medical advisors in South Africa.
Purpose: A platform where industry news can be shared with members; medical advisors can apply for membership; register to attend meetings and conferences and download presentations and meeting recordings from private, members-only pages.
The site was originally built with Joomla 1.5. It was migrated to Joomla 2.5 and eventually to Joomla 3. It will be migrated to Joomla 4 later in 2023.

The site uses:
- Community Builder for member registration and management
- RS Forms Pro! for Online Forms
- Events Booking (Joom Donation) for meeting and conference display and registration
- RS FireWall
- RS Files for file downloads
- SP Page Builder
- JCE Content Manager

The biggest challenge on this website is to display PDF files and MP4 files on the site with download and view restrictions for members only. At the moment this is done with the help of JCE, some plugins and Joomla's user group Access Levels.
25th of April, 2023


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