Feel Good Fuel Co

The business arose out of the 2020 lockdown when Wayne Batsford found his catering company unable to fulfil any of their events. As he was used to bulk preparing meals, it was a short step to freezing the meals and supplying them in pre-measured portions.

The UK market for premium prepared meals has grown considerably in the past few years but quite often based on a subscription model. The client wanted a straightforward ecommerce model.
I've used Helix as the basis for most of my Joomla work and this was no different. I needed a mature, easy to manage ecommerce component so chose eShop as the component thanks to its similarities to Opencart (which i've used for many years) and ease of use.

The only modification to the code that was required was to permit checkout ONLY if the user had added a specific number of items to the cart.
17th of August, 2023


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