Cotswold Playhouse

This site was developed for the volunteer-run theatre in a small UK town.
It's primary aim is to tell visitors what's on at the theatre, tell them a bit about each show and direct them to the booking site.
As well as that, there are other sections about accessibility, hiring the theatre, joining the resident company or generally supporting the theatre through mailing lists, etc.
The site was recently updated to Joomla 4 which involved a substantial number of changes - especially to 'retire' a number of extensions that were just not being updated often enough

It still uses a number of extensions including Template Creator CK and Page Builder CK, Breezing Forms, EDocMan and Ignite Gallery.

The "What's On" page uses a lot of custom code (using Regular Labs Sourcerer) to build the page automatically from a non-Joomla database storing all our forthcoming show information. This ensures the page is always up to date without having to do any regular site editing. (Obviously this would be better with a dedicated component but there isn't one that does what we want and I'm not a good enough programmer to write one!)

Much thought went into ensuring that the home page carries links to all the areas people use most. The main menu, apart from the home page, ONLY has links to What's On and then "Everything Else" which has many sub-menus. (Built with Maximenu CK)
4th of September, 2023


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