Voileux associés

The "voileux" sail on their boat first 31.7, named electron libre , in South Brittany, in the Channel, up to UK and Ireland. The "voileux" sail together since the eighties, have kept on cruising and racing on various boats since then. The voileux is a very small club, We were up to fifty, and now around twenty, with a handful active.

The site is both a souvenir album with photo galeries, articles to remember the best moments together, during cruising, racing, and gastronomic maintenance events ! and a tool to manage the cruises planning. The site is open to the public, who can access every article. Planning a cruise, and registering on a cruise as a member is for the voileux skippers, and members only.
The site started in 1998, prepared from scratch with notepad , using basic html. The site switched to Joomla 1.0 in the early days, and since then the site was upgraded , with the Joomla versions. This was not a smooth journey, as the structure nor the extensions were not always maintained through the major changes. The transitions J1 > J2.5, and J2.5 > J3, and J3 > J4 were the occasion to completely rebuild the site.

Fortunately, it is a small website (200 articles and 19 members as of 2023 fall) Each time, the site was made more simple, using less extensions. During this journey, I did benefit and I still benefit of a great support of the Joomla community , with the Joomla.org forum, and the AFUJ , Joomla.fr forum.

The voileux site is powered by Joomla ! and a few extensions : UP ! for everything ! UP is fabulousse :-)) photo galleries, article layout, pdf gallery, and so more; Cagenda for the planning, Route66 for URL rewriting and SEO; Akeeba for Backup, and Akeeba Engage for comments, OSmap for the sitemap. Always with great support from the developpers.

What I appreciate in Joomla ? over notepad :-)) Everything ! The help from the community ! and since I setup the planning tool, I appreciate the ACL.
21st of September, 2023


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