My Shower Grate Shop

This is an ecommerce site for custom manufactured floor grates and drains. Prices for most products are formula based with formula updating prices as dimensions and other options are selected. The site is targeted to tradespeople wanting to order custom made showergrates for projects. Ease of use was a priority for tradies who often would be ordering on a mobile device.
The client had a 16 year old website with hard coded pricing calculations and payment methods that no longer met legal security requirements. The original developer no longer wanted to support the site. To make matters worse, the client no longer knew how to calculate prices because they had depended on the website for so long.
We were able to access the old code and recreate the calculations and used Hikashop with Calc Builder to recreate the formula's in php scripts using Hikashop custom fields as data input. Further, we created a plugin to export orders from Hikashop and import into Xero.
31st of October, 2023


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