Les Pâtes

Les Pâtes ... is the site of an artisan who offers to order fresh products online: ravioli, pasta, gnocchi, cannelloni, lasagna, ...

A daily and artisanal production with a collection system at the drive from the store and delivery
The main objective was to digitize the business by offering customers the online sale of their fresh products. Pick up at the store drive and home delivery.

The website uses the HikaShop extension for the management of the shop (catalog, cart, delivery method, payment method, ...).

HikaShop allowed:
- use the declination of products to limit the item sheets,
- to be able to manage prices per kg,
- manage orders according to daily production constraints (thanks to an advanced date selector)

The components that were used are:
- acymailing for customer relations,
- admintools for security,
- akeebackup for backups,
- a product search engine (in HikaShop) by autocompletion via Universal AJAX Live Search,
and the page builder SP PageBuilder to energize the activity presentation pages.
12th of May, 2020


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